If you are planning your next holiday, think about DUBAI to have an extravagant holiday and to know why Dubai is one of the most visited tourist attraction worldwide. May be our tour answers us this as well as for why it is the golden sparrow of the Emirates?

Dubai is tagged as a tourist friendly country. Other than major tourist attractions in Dubai, you can wander by yourself to experience the beautiful coral stone houses, traditional markets or say Souks, time-honored gypsum architecture, and the inner splendor of the city that is expediently represented by its culture and traditions. Over the last decade, Dubai has reached an unparalleled height of renown as the world’s most visited tourist attraction & also as an ecommerce hub.

There are many reasons why you should choose Dubai as your next travel destination, but the Burj Khalifa is surely the major. Dubai has a little bit more compared to other tourist destinations. The most visited spots in DUBAI that assure a thrilling experience for people of all age groups include Al Shindagha, Al Fahidi Fort, Salsali Private Museum, Al Ghusais’s archaeological site, Hatta Heritage Village, Grand Mercato (Jumeirah), Burj Nahar, Bait Al Wakeel, Bedouin Village, Deira Clocktower, Ras Al-Khaimah, Wind tower houses, Fish Roundabout, Jumeirah Archaeological Site, International Art Centre, Heritage Village, and Al Sufouh (archaeological site), to name a few.

Dubai is famed for its luminescent sandy beaches. These popular beaches in Dubai are excellent chance for you to sauna bathe while enjoying the warmth of Gulf air.

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